Admission of Pupils

Admitting pupils to Morecambe Road School is a very different procedure to that in mainstream schools. At Morecambe Road School, admissions are linked directly to the Statementing process, and the key players are the parents and the Special Educational Needs Caseworker.

The School’s Admission Panel agrees and confirms admissions on a termly basis. The Panel may consist of:-

– The Special Educational Needs Caseworker

– Educational Psychologist

– SEN and Disability Officer

– Headteacher

– Deputy Headteacher

– Assistant Headteacher

For further information on admissions, refer to the the ‘Guide to Without Prejudice Visits’. Alternatively, call and speak to the Headteacher, Deputy or Assistant Head on 01524 414384.

Discussions take account of the role of the school as a District resource and the ability of the school to meet pupils’ identified needs. The Panel will often consult other significant and involved parties including parents and source schools.


Morecambe Road School

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Anna Dootson | Head Teacher

01524 414384

Morecambe Road School has more than 60 years of experience in teaching children with special educational needs