Vocational Learning in KS4

In Key Stage 4 (Years 10/11) pupils get to choose a vocational subject that they wish to do for one or two years. There are opportunities to gain qualifications and practical experience to inspire and encourage the pupils to choose a further education placement. The following vocational subjects are currently being offered:


Pupils have the opportunity to follow a City and Guilds Level 1 Award in Horticulture aspiring to the Certificate or Diploma over two years. The lead tutor of the course is Ian Moorhouse who is an experienced horticulturalist. The pupils are set challenges such as preparing the ground for sowing and planting, planting bulbs, general garden maintenance, growing vegetables and much more. Over the past 3 years the pupils have gained 100% pass rate.




Pupils who choose Digital Media can expect to learn film making and photography skills. The lead tutor of the course is Mr Davies who has previous experience teaching film making at a local college. During the Digital Media course pupils will learn how to do camera work, direction and will produce at least two different genres of film. In the final term pupils will learn about photography and venture out of school to take photos around different topics. They will also get to learn how to use digital image software to get the best out of their work.



Key Stage 4 pupils work alongside Miss Cassidy to complete a number of units of work during their time in Year 10 and Year 11. All pupils within the KS4 phase will complete an Entry Level Qualification at either Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3, they are required to complete at least six units of work. A small number of pupils will complete an Entry Level Diploma in the subject, this entails completing fourteen units of work within the two years. During the course pupils will study the following topics: Personal Safety, Basic Cooking Techniques, Household Shopping and Expense to name but a few of the units. This is aimed at enhancing their independence as they progress into adulthood and will hopefully assist in them gaining confidence in taking care of themselves.



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