Literacy and Phonics

At Morecambe Road School, reading is taught through the systematic teaching of synthetic phonics and is the most effective way to ensure progress. Our pupils are consistently monitored to assess their phonological awareness/knowledge which enables us to tailor teaching to meet individual needs.

A successful intervention programme is in place to support small groups of children who are at a similar stage (not age) of their learning and it is through this, we are able to offer even more support. Children are taught phonics on a daily basis as part of our language rich curriculum.

From Key Stage 1 and throughout Primary we use the Oxford Project X Phonics and Reading Scheme and also Phonics Play online activities. This is proving to be a great success, supporting phonics skills and underpinning the Letters and Sounds Programme. The interactive software also provides opportunities for guided and shared reading sessions. Pupils are motivated by the brightly coloured texts, in both fiction and non fiction books.


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Morecambe Road School has more than 60 years of experience in teaching children with special educational needs