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Students at Morecambe Road School follow the National Curriculum in all subjects. The curriculum is ‘broad and balanced’; differentiated to meet the needs of individual pupils and has an emphasis on language and communication skills. ‘Personalised Learning’ opportunities feature as an important part of the work carried out by the school with the range and complexity of the needs that our pupils have taken into account. We aim to engage all pupils in a well resourced learning environment that is vibrant and interesting. 

Key Stage 3

In Years 7-9 pupils follow all the core and foundation subjects of the National Curriculum. Classes in Year 7 are, for approximately half a week, taught by a single member of staff, this model being a hybrid of primary and secondary practice. During KS 3 all pupils take part in a residential activity course. For many of our pupils this is often the first time that they will have spent time a way from home. It is an invaluable opportunity for the development of social and life skills. Pupils in Years 7-9 take part in an ‘enrichment programme’ that looks a variety of social and life skills that form the foundation for the development of skills for future living.

Key Stage 4

The flexibility afforded in Key Stage 4 by the ‘14-19 Curriculum’ has provided us with opportunities to vocationalise and personalise learning opportunities. The pupils are following a credit based curriculum which may lead to a foundation diploma. Where appropriate, pupils are entered for ‘Entry Level’ qualifications in Literacy; Numeracy, Science and Food Technology and also GCSE’s in Mathematics and Art. We have forged exceptionally good links with Lancaster and Morecambe College and all Key Stage 4 pupils spend one afternoon per week participating in a variety of vocational taster courses. This provides pupils with an invaluable insight into post 16 education and life beyond school. Year 10 and 11 pupils have the opportunity to do Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Award utilising their team skills and community spirit to achieve this qualification.

Year 11 pupils participate in a one week work experience placement organised by the school. These placements are matched with student interests, needs and abilities. Emphasis in Key Stage 4 is placed on the development of independence, and through the Living Skills course works hard to develop road safety and independent travel skills with senior students. A lot of work takes place in planning the progression of pupils beyond Morecambe Road School. All our pupils are guided towards appropriate post 16 placements. We pride our self on the achievements of our pupils and these are celebrated at our annual Year 11 Leavers Ceremony.

KS4 Qualifications offered

At KS4 we offer a range of qualifications at the appropriate level to the individual pupil which provides challenge and support that enables achievement. This curriculum concentrates on pupils gaining key skills along with opportunities for accreditation and vocational learning.
Our curriculum offer allows pupils to follow a pathway that considers Post 16 transition and progression to further study linked to foundation learning or vocational routes.
Morecambe Road school also offers individual units of certification across a wide range of subjects and life skills through the AQA Unit Award Scheme.

GCSE Entry Level 3 & Level 1 Awards Entry Level 1, 2 & 3
Mathematics Horticulture English (Step Up)
Art and Design ICT English Skills
  Catering Mathematics
  Sports Science
  Hair & Beauty Preparation for Work
  Digital Technology RE & Humanities Pathways
  Pet Care Personal and Social Development
AIM Award DofE  
Award, Certificate & Diploma Bronze  
Independent Living Skills Silver  

All departments in the school have dedicated specialist rooms which are resourced to a high standard. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our curriculum as reflected in the wide range of visits; social activities; vocational opportunities afforded to pupils and also the general emphasis on personal and social development that permeates throughout all that we do.

We believe that the purpose of education is the development of the ‘whole child’. Our holistic endeavours are guided by the principles which underpins our vision of ‘Strive, Thrive, Achieve’.

Our pupils are:

  • Safe: pupils have a right to feel safe and secure in all that they do in school and at home. 
  • Heathy: pupils are encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles. Our PE/PSHE/Citizenship programme provides opportunities related to healthy living and lifestyles. 
  • Enjoying and Achieving: We try very hard to ensure that every child is provided with a curriculum that is appropriate to their needs. We emphasise social and emotional development as well as academic achievement. All successes are celebrated. 
  • Contributing Positively: Our long term aim for all pupils is that they can personally grow and develop into citizens who will be make a positive contribution to society. We believe that any contribution to society, however small, is significant and should be recognised and celebrated. pupils leave us with a degree of maturity and confidence that we are proud of and are well prepared for the transition to adulthood. 

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