Careers Programme Information

Morecambe Road School is responsible for the delivery of careers guidance to year 8 to 11 pupils in accordance with Section 42A of the Education Act 1997. For the current academic year the following information applies:

School’s Careers Leader – Deputy Headteacher, email, contact telephone number 01524 414384.

A summary of the careers programme can be found in the School Policy Section within the Careers Advice and Information policy. This includes:

  • Details of how pupils, parents, teachers and employers may access information about the careers programme.
  • How the school measures and assesses the impact of the careers programme on pupils.
  • The date of the school’s next review of the information published (July 2020).

Oliver Moores – Step by Step Funding Guide

“My name is Oliver Moores and I am a disabled university student in my second year of a business degree at Edge Hill University. I struggled to obtain funding for my care and educational needs. I worked alongside Barnardo’s in Lancashire, to put a step by step guide together to help any prospective university students with a disability to obtain to correct funding. Hopefully you will find the resource useful. Please pass it on to any of your colleagues or service users who you think might benefit from this.”

Help pupils to manage their behaviour, to take part in learning effectively and safely, and at Key Stage 4, to prepare for post 16 transition.

  • Enabling individuals to manage their emotions and take an active part in learning.

Morecambe Road School provides a rich curriculum for pupils to develop their academic, social and emotional skills. Pupils are taught by specialist staff within a specialist environment. Our curriculum is valued for its cross-curricular elements, aiming to reinforce concepts and extend the pupil’s curiosity. We focus on celebrating each step of progress within these curricular areas.

  • Create effective learning environments
  • Secure pupil motivation and concentration
  • Provide equality of opportunity through teaching approaches
  • Use appropriate assessment approaches
  • Set targets for learning.

During each term, pupils are assessed and set targets within each curricular area. These are shared and discussed with parents/carers during annual reviews and parents evenings. Feedback is provided for these targets at the end of each term to the Senior Leadership Team.

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